Even though there has been a significant shift in the way we talk about mental health, both at home and at work, for many talking about mental health at work is still taboo.

Within an organisations wellbeing strategy, there is a great need for a strong emphasis on mental health. Training employees as mental health first aiders is one of the many ways to start.

Mental health first aid training equips those who successfully complete it with the knowledge, tools and confidence to recognise warning signs and offer suitable support when someone is experiencing mental health issues, guiding them to get the right professional help. It does not teach them to be therapists or try to solve people’s problems, however. Rather, it enables them to listen, reassure and respond – even in a crisis.

Mental health first aiders act as a first line of support for fellow employees.

The presence of Mental health first aiders in a workforce helps to raise awareness of mental ill-health, encouraging employees to explore and talk more freely about their own feelings and experiences

Mental health first aid training can also help the individuals who undertake it by teaching them skills to support their own mental wellbeing.

Just having mental health first aiders onsite isn’t enough to support mental health at work properly any businesses considering introducing mental health first aid training in to their organisation should consider two things –

  • Ensure that mental health first aid training isn’t just a tick-box exercise. It needs to be part of an overall framework for employee support and incorporated into a comprehensive wellbeing strategy.
  • Mental health first aiders also need support themselves. Once they’ve completed their training, what measures will you put in place to support them?

As well as mental health first aid training I can work with you to ensure you have the above in place and keep the conversations going.

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