ALM HR and Training – MHFA course online for Success

Businesses across the region are slowly returning to work since the COVID-19 lockdown and the business and corporate landscape has changed dramatically since March. ALM HR and Training Consultancy have also had to adapt to the changing economic scene. HR Specialist Lisa Esposito-Maffei is using her influence to urge employers to address possible staff mental health problems post-lockdown.

It is just over 12 months since ALM HR and Training Consultancy was launched and the owner Lisa has identified the Consultancy is dealing more and more with individuals, and staff teams with mental health issues.

Lisa embraced an opportunity to undertake her Mental Health qualifications and now ALM HR are currently delivering online Mental First Aid training courses. These courses equip individuals with the necessary understanding and experience to enable them to identify, and support people with mental health problems.

The ‘MHFA’ course does not replace the Therapist role but it does teach the recipient to listen, respond and reassure in a crisis. They can even potentially stop a crisis from taking place.

The course also allows participants to learn how to recognise the warning signs of mental ill health and develop the skills and confidence to approach and support an individual whilst themselves safe.

The MHFA online course also teaches recipients to learn how to empower individuals to access the support they might need for recovery or successful management of symptoms via self-help books, websites, or accessing therapy services through their GP, school or place of work. Support can also be accessed by online self-referral, and support groups.

Alongside the MHFA online course ALM offers a plethora of bespoke HR support packages and HR training services. Lisa and her dedicated team recognise that employers are currently facing unique challenges and are always available to offer their HR expertise and to support them.

During this unprecedented time employers are facing difficult decisions. They must come to terms with the new business landscape and working environment and many will be facing making particularly difficult decisions regarding their staff. Employers and employees are now positioned in a vastly different business world than they’ve been used to. Many now must work from home and many more may be apprehensive returning to the work environment. These issues all need addressing and employers must look at these challenges going forward which is why acknowledging the need for proper mental health training is so important.

At ALM, Lisa has devised a practical plan for getting businesses up and running again. Setting expectations early and clearly, building trust with a team, communicating well, and having a greater level of flexibility with staff are all important factors that employers will need to take onboard.

As the weeks go on there will be a few rocky few months ahead for everyone. Our mantra is to urge all employers and employees to please be kind to each other.

Click here for more information about our MHFA training courses or please get in touch if you have any further questions.